The Sin which is Superior to a Particular Worship | Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf

This discourse advises seekers on how they should not feel confident and secure in their acts of worship. Shaykh mentions that at times, Allah opens up for them the doors of obedience and allows them to engage in abundant worship whereas the doors of acceptance are closed. Mufti Abdur-Rahman explains that the aspirant's goal should be to gain the closeness of their Lord and to desire for their acts of worship to be accepted, just as one gives a gift to another and hopes that they would happily receive it. The Shaykh advises that the aspirant should not be deceived by the external forms of their sins. Sometimes Allah may condemn you to a sin but that is in fact your return to Him. Here the shaykh reveals the superiority of that sin which entails one to feel remorse and regret, over that act of worship which makes one arrogant and secure.

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  1. Excellent knowledge, Jazakallah brother. I should have followed you around Makkah for Hajj this year when i saw you in Abu Dabi 🙂


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