The Mercies of a Masjid | Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf

What exactly is a masjid? Is there a difference between a masjid, musallā, and jamāt khāna, etc? These are questions which need detailed discussion.

Nowadays, in the west, many Islamic Centers being managed include, among other things, a prayer hall, musallā, or jamāt khāna. Some communities rent an industrial unit, a store front, a house, or an apartment in which members of the Muslim community gather to perform congregational prayer (and in many cases
social activities). Many communities actually have purchased property which they consider their masjid.

Which of the above can technically be considered a masjid, and what are the related rulings?

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  1. MashAllah glad to hear that sheikh was in Kazakhstan, assalyam va rahmatuLlahi va barakyatah brothers, yes what sheikh mentioned about the wedding situation is a sad reality, it is because the older generation came from Soviet union era, at that time religion was persecuted, but it is improving now, a lot of young people coming back to islam now, MashAllah, please sheikh come to Kazakhstan again to do some seminars on tassawuf for Kazakhstani djamaat, it would help to popularise it


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