Salat: The Coolness of the Eyes | Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf

Mufti Abdur-Rahman reveals how the 5 daily prayers commanded by Allah for His servants is like for the salik being invited to a meal five times a day, varying in different cuisines. Shaykh explains that as Allah is aware of the weariness of man in performing regular actions, He has designed an act of worship that incorporates many types of worship within it; this is salat. The one engaged in this worship is taken through different postures (qiyam, ruku', sujud) and different remembrances (hamd, qira’at, durood). These movements, changing from one act to another ensures that the worshipper remains invigorated throughout their prayer and then salat truly becomes a mi’raj (means of spiritual ascension). The Shaykh advises that the aspirant must try to establish a sort of routine and prepare beforehand for each prayer. Finally, he mentions the three levels of pleasure in salat and reveals the special place reserved for those who perform their salat with special attention. The status of that salat when it becomes the coolness of the eyes.

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  1. Jazaka Allahu khairan sheik for this beautiful reminder. Salat is such a significant aspect of being a muslumin and it is important we understand its etiquette and rights.


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