Removing Negligence and Heedlessness | Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf

Shaykh Abdur-Rahman highlights the difference between the creation of the angels and man. The angels are created from light (nur) and their sole purpose is to carry out the commands of Allah; they can never sin. Man, on the other hand, is created from dust and has the choice of obeying or disobeying his or her Creator. Man will always have the potential to sin. Shaykh then mentions that it is only when one forgets Allah that they commits an act of disobedience. When negligence (ghafla) is removed, one will minimise their potential of sinning. Shaykh advises that the murid must not restrict their 'remembrance of Allah' to just particular formalities such as salat, qur'an recitation, tasbihaat. Every action that one does they should connect it to Allah so that they can be 24/7 conscious of Allah. Here, the Shaykh emphasises the importance of righteous company as it is through good company that one can acquire these admirable traits.

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