Fear and Hope: The Two Wings of Faith | Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf

Shaykh Abdur- Rahman (hafizahullah) reveals how it is normal that one's faith constantly fluctuates. At times the heart feels inclined to worship and on other occasions it feels gloomy and distant. The task then for the seeker on the path is that they must master their emotions so that in these different states, in moments of vulnerability they know what Allah requires of them. By keeping one's hope and fear balanced the seeker will be able to reach an equilibrium. When the aspirant feels gloomy and begins despairing they must think of the divine mercy of Allah and contemplate on all what they have been blessed with. This will increase one's hope in Allah.

And when the aspirant feels too secure in their worship and signs of vanity begin to show they must contemplate on all their shortcomings and their acts of transgression to their Ever-Watchful Lord. This will then increase one's fear of Allah.
Just as a bird needs its two wings to fly smoothly, the aspirant should also ensure that his/her hope and fear in Allah is equally balanced. And when this is regulated the aspirant will find their imaan fluctuating less and becoming more stronger.

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